Vowels, Arthur Rimbaud

A black, white E, red I, green U, O blue: Vowels,
one day I will tell you of secret birthings; A,
black underclothes bristle with flies’ sheen in
lovely patches which hum about savage smells,

Chasms of shadow; E, candid mists & canvas canopies,
haughty ice spears, pale kings — shiver of flow-
erings; I, blacksweet blood mouthfuls, laughing
of lovely lips in rage or regretful drunkeness;

U – swirling, holy vibrations of green-livid seas,
fields at peace with scattered creatures, peace
of wrinkles which sorcery impresses with brows

So studiously wide; O, great trumpet filled with
alien cries, a silence traversed by worlds and
angels, O the End: A violet ray of your eyes!