UNUSUAL YOU – Britney Spears

Nothing about you’s typical, nothin’ about
You is predictable: You got me
All twisted and confused
It’s so you… Up ’til now I thought

I knew ‘love’—nothin’ to lose and it’s damaged—’cause
Pattern’d to fall as quick as I do,
But now…bridges are burnin’
Baby, I am learning a new

Way of thinking now, love I can see.—nothing will be just
Like it was: Is that because baby, you’re
So unusual didn’t

Anyone tell you you’re s’posed to break my heart, I
Expect you to—so why haven’t you?
Maybe you’re not even
Human ’cause only an angel

Could be so unusual, a sweet surprise I could
Get used to: Unusual you’ been
So many things when I
Was someone else, boxer in the

Ring, tryin’ to defend myself and the private eyes see what’s
Goin’ on (That’s long gone.); when I’m with you
I can just be myself, you’re

Always where you say you will be, shocking!, ’cause I
Never knew love like this could exist.
Tables are turnin’ my
Heart’s soaring, you’ll never let me

Down; answer my call, here after all: Never met
Anyone like you, baby, you’re so
Unusual, didn’t
Anyone tell you you’re suppos’d

To break my heart, I expect you to; so why haven’t you?
Maybe I am not even human ’cause
Only an angel could be so

Unusual sweet surprise I could get used to;
Unusual, you can’t believe that I
Almost didn’t try when
You called my name now everything

Is changed?/! Baby you’re so unusual, didn’t
Anyone tell you you’re s’posed to break
My heart, I expect you
To: So why haven’t you? Maybe

We were not even human ’cause only an angel could
Be so unusual, sweet surprise I could
Get used to unusual you.